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Senator Wong (left) and Sophie

If Christians  disapprove of gay marriage- I say “Don’t have one!”  However, the issue is deeply hurtful when these “Christians” go out of their way to deny basic human rights to homosexuals.  There are many gay and lesbian parents – some are their biologically born children and some are adopted.  It is to this group that right-wing Evangelicals are most hateful.  Again and again, they deny the case studies that state children are NOT affected by being raised by gay or lesbian parents.  Their ‘concern’ about children is false – they are using the children as an excuse to hate the gay and lesbian parents!

Using Children to Fan Hatred

Great Britain, Ireland, most of Europe and New Zealand (and others) have all passed equality of marriage.  Australia is holding out – but there seems to be a chance for it to succeed.  Out of this happiness – come the dark shadows of right-wing Christian haters.   Some take the position that same-sex marriage is a Scriptural abomination, but others are more sneaky.  They don’t want to attach Christianity to same-sex marriage and try to manipulate the public by lies relating to the raising of children by same-sex parents.  To deliberately ignore reliable case studies from North America, Europe and elsewhere is not only UNChristian but morally bankrupt!

The ‘think of the children’ argument is among the most hurtful in the marriage equality debate,” Senator Wong has written in an essay in The Monthly magazine.

The Case of Australian Senator Wong and Sophie Allouache

Senator Wong is an out lesbian and a tireless fighter for LGBTI equality.  She and her partner, Sophie have two children and these lies about gay parenting is hurtful – in the case of ignored studies – and in the home life of these two wonder parents.   Here is what Senator Wong says about these lies and hatred:

“It (the issue) posits that gay and lesbian relationships harm children, that gay and lesbian parents are bad parents.”

Senator Wong, who has two young daughters with her partner Sophie Allouache , added that the “most bigoted expression” of this argument – via conservative Christians – is that the children of same-sex parents are another “stolen generation”.

“This is not an argument against marriage equality. It is an argument against gay and lesbian Australians being parents. Actually, it is an argument about gay and lesbian Australians being at all,” Labor’s trade spokeswoman wrote.

Senator Wong’s comments come as Parliament returns for 2016 with debate about same-sex marriage continuing to rage. While the Turnbull government works on the wording and process for a plebiscite on the issue, Labor is again pushing for Parliament to resolve the issue with a vote.

According to Australian Marriage Equality – which has been monitoring the numbers in Canberra – provided Liberal MPs had a free vote, there is now slim majority of support in both houses for same-sex marriage.

Paula’s comments:  “Stolen Generations” refer to aboriginal children who were taken from loving parents and put in Christian schools.  They were not allowed to speak their native tongue(s) or learn about their heritage.  There is no comparison.   Children of gay parents are loved and live stable lives.   Once again, hateful Christians have blamed gays and lesbians for many things:  hurricanes, earthquakes, ISIS, divorce, homelessness, cancer, AIDS, floods, famine, lack of rain,  teenage problems – you name it, we have been accused of it.

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