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MH Weibe from Alberta, Canada

MH Weibe from Alberta, Canada

If you speak hateful words, then do not call yourself a Christian!   This woman from Alberta, Canada went on You Tube and rapped  hateful words against Alberta’s legislation that allows kids to use private bathrooms according to how they view their gender.  This twit goes on to state that the animal kingdom knows best by having no same-sex animals or transgendered ones.  This is untrue.  And in the animal kingdom there are no bathrooms – just one big earth or sea to perform bodily functions.  She is entitled to her ignorant and untrue beliefs, but I take issue with her when she calls herself a “Christian” mom.

MH Weibe was inspired to write the song after her local high school district began to allow trans students to use bathrooms of their preferred gender.

The dreary ditty, posted to YouTube, finds Weibe rapping: “I am a concerned mother of three / keep male and female washrooms where our children can pee.

“What’s the fuss over transgender washrooms we discuss / is this really really such the issue / to focus and put our taxes to?”

“No, this is not the issue / to legislate or to peruse.

“This is just a fender bender / all over sex and gender.

Can we pick another issue / than to change our bathrooms for a few?

“Listen, listen, what I say / the animal kingdom is smarter this way.

“If we can’t address male and female, we’ve lost our purpose, in life we fail.

“If our children lose their identity, this will be sad for our future you see.”

No, the lyrics don’t necessarily rhyme or make sense, but you get the gist.

How do I define myself as a Christian?

Let’s start with going to the New Testament and to John 1: “God is Love.”   Looking at the word ‘love’ the closest that humans can come to “pure love” is the term “agape.” This is unconditional love – much like the majority of female humans/animals have for their offspring. “Agape” is God’s love.   Agape is humans (male and female) love not only for our own flesh and blood but for all of the human race. Agape is unconditional love meaning acceptance and non-judgment. Jesus loved through “Agape” by stating very clearly, “Do not Judge” and “Love One Another as I Have loved you.”   There is no wiggle-worm, we must love all people; none of the “I love the person but hate the sin.”

Jesus also stated, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

The Agape Parable (The Story of the Good Samaritan).

 Like so many religious bigots, a lawyer asked Jesus who is my neighbor.   He wanted ‘wiggle room” to use Jewish cleanliness laws to avoid loving or attending to the needs of lepers and Samaritans. If a Jew touched a Samaritan, he/she had to go to the Temple to be purified. Jesus tells the lawyer a story and by the end it is the Samaritan that is a hero over the two Jewish priests that passed by the injured man. In other words, everyone is your neighbour and you get to enter the Kingdom by loving everyone.

You Are Not Christians …

Today, Christian businesses are refusing service to Gays and Lesbians – nothing changes!

Just the other day, a “Christian” woman went to YouTube to perform a rap against transgendered children using the “wrong” bathroom.

If you cannot love unconditionally “your neighbor” then according to the words of Jesus, you are not a Christian.

He says it clearly, “Not everyone who says, Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom.” (Matt 7:21)

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