Apr 122016

Unknown-3Mississippi and North Carolina right-wing homophobic “Christians” are claiming that anyone that opposes their new discrimination bills are ‘hostile to Jesus.’   Not so!   This is just a smear campaign.  Many businesses and entertainers are boycotting these states as are national league teams.   They are boycotting them in the same way that countries boycotted South Africa when it discriminated against certain citizens who happened to be NOT WHITE!NCCclocks-660x330

As a Christian lesbian, I am NOT hostile to the message of Jesus which is: a) love your neighbour as yourself (that means not discriminating against your neighbour) and NOT judging.  It is the Apostle Paul that gives wiggle room “to point out your neighbour’s faults/sins.  I prefer the exact words of Jesus: ‘DO NOT JUDGE’ AND “He/she who is without sin, cast the first stone.”   I recommend that these bigoted so-called Christians read the story of the Good Samaritan.  The Samaritans were considered “unclean” by the Jews, so when the lawyer asked Jesus how to enter the Kingdom and “Who is my neighbour” Jesus put the Samaritan above the priest and the Levite that walked passed the injured man.   Jesus is clearly pointing out that it is LOVE in a person’s heart that he requires and he clearly showed that the priest and Levite were both men who knew the Scriptures and had no love in their hearts – these two clearly did not know who was their neighbour.images-13images-21

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