Jun 012017

Once again, its a “Christian” extremist who took to Facebook and won’t let gay marriages take place on his farm.  Since this farmer, a Steve Tennes, from Michigan, USA also sells his produce in a public market place, the town authorities have denied him further sales.

Right away, the religous nutters are screaming ‘religious discrimination’ and “freedom of speech.”  The fact that this man discriminated in the first place seems to have no bearing.

And once again, these nutters are quoting Paul’s writings out of historical context.  Paul did state that women having sex with other women went against their nature and I agree, but these were women engaged in temple sex orgies to please the goddess.  Naturally, the vast majority of these women would be STRAIGHT and it would be against their nature.  However, these same women (and men) also had sex with animals and children.

Here is my response to this farmer on his FACEBOOK page

Dear Steve, As a Catholic, I would like you to read and meditate on the Parable of the Good Samaritan.   Preceeding the story told by Jesus, a lawyer asks the Lord how to enter the Kingdom.  The lawyer is told – Love God, Love Neighbour and Love self.   The lawyer wants wiggle room since he knows that as a Jew, that some ‘neighbour’ like Samaritans are ‘unclean.’  Jesus knows the lawyers’s mind and heart. Jesus tells the story of a man beaten up and left for dead.  His audience is listening.  A Jewish priest approaches – surely, thinks the audience, he know who is neighbour is – no the priest does not stop.  Then a scribe who is also versed in religion, walks by.  It is the “unclean” and “ungodly” Samaritan that had love and compassion in his heart.  He did not judge the injured man – he treats him as his neighbour.

Note: ALL MY COMMENTS have been removed.  There is not ONE comment that argues against this farmer.  So much for FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!

Interesting that the Pope has stated, “Who am I to judge” gay people, but this devout Catholics does not do the same.

Biblical Marriage has NEVER Been Exclusively between one man and one woman.

Another point, marriage in the Scriptures has never been exclusively between a man and a woman.  Start at Genesis and you will see that Biblical characters have more than one wife and often many wives AND concubines.   We are not here to judge others, Steve.   All the commandments are based on love of God.  And Jesus never mentions homosexuality and when Paul addresses ‘women who had sex with other women and this went agains their nature = he is addressing pagan sexual orgies.  Since the majority of women involved would be heterosexual, it would indeed be going against their nature.  Lastly, in March 2016, the World Psychiatric Association consisitng of over 200,000 psychiatrists in 118 countries wrote to the United Nations and world leaders.  They were trying to stop the hatred of gays were and are being executed, killed by mobs, raped, beaten and persecuted and imprisoned.  They wrote that homosexuality CANNOT be changed, hence it is NOT a matter of choice. For all you know, Steve, one of your kids may be gay.😅

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