May 252016

Let me take you back to the time of the writer of Leviticus (Old Testament Jewish Bible – the Torah).  The Jewish people/writers were trying to figure out how they were captured twice.  In Babylonia, the Hebrew scholars began to write their history starting with Genesis or the Creation.  Of course, no one was around when the first persons walked the earth, but the Hebrew scholars chose the names Adam (man) and Eve (woman).  Since life seemed to be hard, they wrote the Garden of Eden Story, presuming that mankind had done something wrong to be in a world where murder, childbirth, illness and captivity existed.  They wrote the Old Testament five books – called the Torah.

There is Nothing Wrong with Hypothesizing How the World Began

The writer of the Book of Leviticus was given the problem of illness connected with the preservation of food.  Now, in the book of Genesis, God created everything and saw “that it was good.”  But with the hot desert life, food spoiled – especially seafood and pork, so the writer decided that God NOW at the time of his writing, was against the eating of pork, shellfish, etc. despite the fact that God had earlier loved his creation of the pig, etc.

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