Nov 192016

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I am proud to promote this Christmas ebook under my real name of Pauline Gallagher.  When writing this story, I wanted to place Mrs. Claus in the spotlight.  It was putting into words the saying, “behind every successful man is a great woman!”  Basically, my foundation to the story was that Mr. & Mrs. Claus made a vow on their wedding day.  They promised that together they would make this world a better place.  That is when magic took over and at the time of this story, Santa is very busy in his workshop.  It is November.

Santa Claus: A Symbol of Universal Hope

It is my opinion that letters to Santa Claus are not restricted to Christmas time.  Yes, there are the “I want” letters from kids.  Yes, included are the words “I’ve been good.”  However, Santa’s kindness and world-wide appeal makes him a universal figure of wisdom and hope.  In my story, Oliver writes to Santa with a problem.  His parents are rich and busy and constantly leaving home to look after their investments.  Oliver is loved by them, but they feel that giving him material things will make him happy.  Oliver in his letter threatens to run away.

Mrs. Claus: A Woman of Action

I refuse to see Mrs. Claus just baking desserts and tending to Santa’s every needs.  In this story, Santa’s heart is moved by the plight of Oliver.  He hands the letter to Mrs. Claus.  He has handed many letters to his wife – they are a partnership.  I think children will enjoy seeing Mrs. Claus taking off from the North Pole with Rudolph leading the way.  She is quite capable of handling a reindeer team.

I have tried to paint a beautiful story of the sled going over the arctic ocean.  Below Mrs. Claus are icebergs that sparkle by the light of the moon.  This book is illustrated and has a bonus feature of Christmas celebrations in many lands.

Meeting Oliver on Rushabout Crescent

Mrs. Claus does not come down chimneys.  She uses a magical key.   When she encounters a young boy packing his backpack and planning to run away, she knows that she must solve the problem.

This ebook won the award of the Canadian Library Association’s annual contest.  It was later published in the anthology called, “Winners Circle 6.”

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