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paula here.  It is so important for lesbians in persecuted countries to find knowledge of other lesbians – famous and non-famous to inspire the.  Chely Wright (USA singer) is currently married and she and her wife, Lauren, have two beautiful sons.   Her is her story from Facebook.


FacebookChely Wright came out publicly in 2010 with the publication of her memoir Like Me. The next year came the release of an award-winning documentary about her coming out called Wish Me Away.’

The singer, whose hits include Single White Female and Shut Up and Drive, gave birth to twins in May 2013, is married to Lauren Blitzer-Wright and in a good place. But in a heartfelt Facebook post this week, she shares how seeing the Cate Blanchett film Carol took her back to a time that was not near as happy.

‘Exactly 10 years ago today, I was in a bad place. I was very closeted and in a relationship with someone who was even more frightened than I was.

‘On December 30th, 2005, I went to see the movie Brokeback Mountain with a couple of friends and of course, the movie devastated me. It was like looking into a crystal ball and it showed me what my future might look like if I didn’t start fighting for myself.

‘I left the theater one part terrified and one part inspired. I immediately– like that afternoon– began the painstaking process of disassembling the facade of a life I’d spent years creating.

‘I truly had to have a breakdown, to realize my breakthrough.

‘A couple of weeks ago I went to see the film Carol. As I walked home through Central Park, I felt like an old wound had been reopened– I was shell shocked.

‘As any good film or book should do for a viewer/reader, I saw myself in the story and felt everything the characters did. So I walked and I cried the whole way home.

‘At first, I was crying out of a sense of loss and pain, but then came the tears of triumph and gratitude.

‘I no longer feared a Brokeback Mountain ending for my story. To the contrary– I got the happy ending.

‘As I write this, my wife is driving the car and our two sons are in the back seat sleeping. We spent the holidays in Vermont with family and it was wonderful.

‘Ten years ago today, I wasn’t sure if I would survive.

‘Today, I am grateful I did.’

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