Wright came out with a thoughtful approach that included the album Lifted Off the Ground, the autobiography Like Me and the documentary film Wish Me Away.

Wright, who has hits such as Shut Up and Drive and Single White Female, says she believes she was “tethered” by her fear of losing her country music career. She got mixed reaction from the industry, she admits.

“We hang around on tour buses together, we know who makes the gay jokes,” she said. Reaction from fans was equally mixed.

Her father, a man Wright describes as a traditional redneck, found himself coming to accept her life just because he knew and loved her.

Wright says the experience has been liberating.

“I couldn’t be more thankful or more delighted to be where I am today,” she says.

Thank you, Chely, for your courage of letting the world know the real you.  May you be blessed with happy and healthy babies.