Jun 082013

Charice’s Star on Eastwood Walk of Fame,

CharicePempengco00Filipinosinger Clarice Pempengco has publicly acknowledged that she is a lesbian and so many young lesbians can use her courage to come out, too!

When Boy Abunda, host of The Buzz, asked Pempengco during an interview if she were a lesbian, she answered: “Yes, I am.”

She continued:

“I have deep gratitude for the Filipinos because they are the ones who know who I really am,” she said. “I don’t know what the problem is because for me, there is no problem with that. So now I ask for forgiveness from those who don’t understand. And those who cannot accept. I apologize, I understand you.”

“To those who could accept, and could accept me, thank you very, very much.” she added. “I just want to say to all of you that I feel very light – that I can leave the house knowing I am not hiding anything. … I love myself, that’s why I’m able to do this.”

If you watch the very popular series, Glee,” you may have thought how pretty and charming the character, Sunshine Corazon, is that you have good taste.Pempengco, 21, played Sunshine Corazon during the second season of the Fox musical-comedy Glee.

Glee co-star Matthew Morrison congratulated Pempengco.

“Good for her,” Morrison told NewNowNext. “She’s someone who was always very grounded and I always felt like she knew who she was.”

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