Jun 292016

Religion is NOT spirituality!  Religion is a set of rituals and dogma that when written 3,500 years ago ignores scientific development.   This is the case with the Centre for Family & Human Rights – CFam.

The human rights in their title is for the unborn, but when a person is born gay, lesbian or transgendered, these human rights give back to Scripture of 3,500 years ago.


Two Popes - different as "chalk and cheese" or rancid and fresh

Meanwhile, Pope Francis is on record of saying, “Who am I to judge a homosexual who is seeking God?”  Recently, in June 2016, he asked that all Christians apologize to homosexuals for the Non-Jesus way they have treated the LGBTI community over the years.  I liken the Pope (at times) to John the Baptist, “A voice in the wilderness calling for repentance” for those whose who do not love their neighbour.

The World Psychiatric Association

This scientific body, comprising of nearly 200 countries, wrote to the U.N and world leaders in March, 2016.  The WPA stated their evidence over the years of the dangerous methods of trying to change a person’s sexual orientation.  To do so, has led to many suicides – the results of not being accepted for who the person is!   The WPA also stated that since homosexuality cannot be changed or reversed, it is NOT a CHOICE.

What would Jesus do?   He would tell these right wing homophobic haters that the Holy Spirit has come over the centuries to bring us scientific knowledge.  We now can treat cancer, triple by-pass heart operations, save women in childbirth, etc. etc.   And yet, these haters want to go back 3,500 years ago to science and medicine as it was known then.  Would they go to a doctor practising medicine from 3,500 years ago – NOT LIKELY.


I am appalled at this stance.  It is not the way of Jesus who accepted and love all.  Who are the neighbours of these people that Jesus called us to love?


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