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The United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) has many talented and gorgeous lesbians. Here are just a couple of them.

HORSE (born Horse McDonald, 1958) in Scotland is a well known Scottish lesbian singer-song writer.  She has toured with Tina Turner and has scored many record hits in Europe.

Horse’s first debut album, The Same Sky, was well received by her fans.  Her popularity stemmed from her rich, sonorous voice. The Scotsman, a prominent Scottish newspaper referred to her as “one of Scotland’s great vocals,”  Horse and her band visited Australian cities with great reviews and the gaining of new fans.

Horse has supported the L Project that directs itself against bullying of homosexuals. To raise money for this cause in 2012, Horse released a charity single entitled, “It Does Get Better,” in response to the number of LGBT teens who committed suicide.


Alice Temple -BMX CHAMPION

ALICE TEMPLE is an English musician, singer and songwriter born in London.


Alice Temple


She is also an athlete and has the honour of being the first female UK and European BMX (bike) champion. 

Her initial album featured her and Eg (another performer) and was called “24 Hours of Hunger.” in 1991.  For the next eight years, Alice wrote and recorded music for various projects.  Then she returned to collaborate with Eg and produced her solo album,’Hangover.”

Alice was a friend of Boy George in the 1980s and is believed to be the topic of George’s song, “A Boy Called Alice,” and on his 1988 single, “Don’t Cry,” in which she can be heard declaring, “My Name’s Alice and I am not a Boy!” She had a well known relationship with model Rachel Williams.

Congratulations, United Kingdom, Horse and Alice certainly turn heads and make hearts skip beats.


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