Mar 232013

Gigi in the dress, Sean in the suit

Gigi and her female partner Sean.  They have been together for seven years in a civil union.  Rumours have it that they eloped and were married in France.

Gigi is 33 years of age and an architect.  She is a director of a company and also the daughter of Hong Kong billionaire, who tells the media he has slept with thousands of women.  His daughter just wants one woman and its Sean.  Perhaps, Gigi is aware that to save face, her father is willing to offer millions for Gigi to become a heterosexual woman.  Its like saying to the public, look I’m willing to donate a considerable amount if I could change my daughter’s sexual orientation.

Gigi and her father

Rather than being embarrassed, Gigi just poses for the media with Sean, and speaks of her loving relationship with her father.

Gigi’s father is Mr. Chao, a 76 year old shipping magnate, and in his daughter’s words, ‘he loves the attention.’

As for Gigi and Sean, seven years together has been blissful.  I am sure that both of them are aware of the Beatles recording, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” and more to the point, I am sure they are living out the Beatles’ words, “All You Need is Love.”

They may have eloped to Paris to get married, but as far as I know, France does not recognize same sex marriage.  I suggest they come to my country, Canada, where same sex marriage is legal.

I am sure readers to this site will join me in wishing Gigi and Sean every happiness that they deserve.  Because as Dione Warwick sang, “What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love.”


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