Feb 252016

Justin-Trudeau5_640x345_acf_croppedCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken a stand against homophobic bullying – donning a pink jumper/sweater for ‘Pink Shirt Day’.  For general information, Marriage Equality became law in Canada in 2005 (having been beaten that year by Spain).

The Canadian event was born in Nova Scotia in 2007, when gay schoolboy Jadrien Cota was bullied for wearing a pink shirt during the first day of school.

In response, students at the school decided to distribute 50 pink shirts – and the event has since become an annual national phenomenon.

To mark the day this year, the country’s pro-LGBT Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was among those to don a pink t-shirt alongside his colleagues.

In a video message, he says: “Hi everyone, I’m Justin Trudeau. I want to wish you a happy Pink Shirt Day.

“Pink Shirt Day started several years ago after a Nova Scotia high school student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. The next day, many of his classmates showed up to school wearing pink shirts to stand up against bullying.

“‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ is simply not true – words do hurt, and bullying can leave long-lasting emotional and physical scars. You are not alone. You are supported. You are loved.

“We remember that our differences are a source of strength, not weakness, and that kindess is one size fits all. It takes all of us, speaking in one voice, to stand up to bullying together.

“Let’s embrace our differences and be open with one another. It’s about respect – it’s about being Canadian.”

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada (2015 -

Several members of Mr Trudeau’s historically diverse cabinet also took part – with Science minister Navdeep Bains donning a pink turban in place of his signature red one.  Half of the Prime Minister’s cabinet are females.  Justin is the son of a former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who introduced the Human Rights Act.

Happy Pink Day!



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