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Donald Trump  suggested that if he was elected President of the United States, he would build a ten foot high fence to keep Americcns from entering Canada.  If you click on the free brick you’ll hear the wonderful bellowing of a moose.  (Note the official animal of Canada is the Beaver).  deo.http://videosift.com/video/Bricking-It-For-Canada

The Last Leg Comedy Show from Britain.

A British comedy team has suggested that Canada built a wall against non-Trump supporters who wish to be refugees/emigrants to Canada.  It is all a joke of course.

Those people supporting the Canadian wall can click on a site that freely provides bricks for the Canadian wall.  The total clicks have reached millions.  Naturally, this fun brick clicking has been taken overly seriously by people both side of the American/Canadian border.   Some comments have been – “Anyone that hates trump is our kind of immigrant.”  Others have taken it seriously and pointed out that Trump owns many financial interests in Canada.  This is true.  One of his daughters manages his properties in Canada.

Americans the ‘hardest to look after’ immigrants?

During the Vietnam War, Canada let in many conscientious objectors.   When Bush declared his Shock and Awe bombing of Bagdad, our Prime Minister Jean Cretein refused to be part of the “Willing Alliance.”  Most American emigrants or is it immigrants that Canada receives are well adjusted and educated.  Host of the Comedy Show Adams Hints poked fun that it would take training for Canada to teach Canadian the ‘Queen’s English.”  He joked further that Americans carry guns and refuse to assimilate with other cultures.

The Longest Border in the World.

The Last Leg estimated that it would take 1,545,454,550 bricks to cover the 8,891 kilometre border. So far there are 10.7 million pledges for bricks.

“We would like everyone in the world to pledge a brick to help keep Americans in America,” said Hills.

A few British celebrities came out in the segment to say that they support “Bricking it for Canada,” including comedians Phil Jupitus, Alan Carr and Jack Dee.

They also proposed the hashtag #BrickingitforCanada, which people have used to show their support in keeping Canada an America-free zone.

Oh, That Ben Carson!

Ben Carson, previously a presidential hopeful before dropping out, said that he would push for U.S. troops to patrol the Canadian border.   Can you imagine the man/woman power and cost of patrolling 8,891 kilometres?  Some people have suggested that speakers be set up and the constant playing of Celine Dion and Justin Beaver would scare away any immigrant! LOL

During the Feb. 25 Republican debate, a moderator from the Spanish-language channel Telemundo said that more risk of terrorism might be coming from the Canada-U.S. border than from Mexican one.

My Response: Canadians Are Often Accused Wrongly

  1. There were many right-wing red necks that accused Canada of letting the terrorists of 911 enter the USA from Canada.  They NEVER came from Canada!
  2. When there was a huge blackout in either 2002 or 2003 that affected the USA and major Canadian cities, again some in the USA accused Canada of triggering the blackout.  Not so, the cause was later found to be a malfunction in the USA.

“With Canada, you’re talking about a massively long piece. You’re talking about a border that would be about four times longer,” Trump replied.

While the borders don’t have as large a difference in length as Trump implies, Canada’s border is at least double in length to Mexico’s, as the latter is only 3,145 kilometres long.

Meanwhile, a man dressed up as the Mexican border wall, an oft-repeated policy of Trump, appeared at his rally in Florida, in anticipation of the Florida Republican primary on March 15.

Final words from paula:   When Astronauts have returned to earth, they often say the same things. From space there are NO boundaries to be seen – no flags – no assemblies of guns and tanks –   what they see is one earth.

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