Apr 262016


This is a humour blog – just in case you thought that Canadians were really building a wall to stop would be Americans from fleeing if Trump becomes President.  Naturally, Canada always welcomes Americans except if you are racist or homophobic.bricking

http://brickingitforcanada.com      copy  this link.
UK comedy show The Last Leg has stepped in to protect Canada from this influx of what we’re going to call “Trumpugees” (refugees produced via a Donald Trump win).The campaign is called Bricking it for Canada, and the idea is to get as many people as possible to each “pledge” one brick for an eventual wall that will run between the U.S. and the Great White North.“I think if I was Canada, I’d be worried because there’s every chance they’re going to face an influx of American refugees and they are harder to look after any other refugees,” said The Last Leg host Adam Hills. “They carry more guns and refuse to assimilate with other cultures.”The campaign’s website doesn’t actually accept donations. It just allows you to symbolically pledge one brick for this hypothetical border wall. Still, more than 23 million bricks have already been added, and a lot of people seem very intent on keeping Americans in America.  Click a brick and see what happens!


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