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images-7  images-12The tearing apart of a fox by a pack of hounds was made illegal in Scotland in 2002 and in the rest of the British isles in 2010.   Yet it exists in a modified form; the fox is hunted and will be killed, but it is flushed out by a couple of hounds and then shot!   All in all, it is still running for its life and is killed!  What is the difference – an innocent animal is tormented and killed in the name of “sport” and it’s aristocratic form.

The Vanity of it All.

Heathrop Park

Heathrop Park

Vanessa Lambert, master of the Heythrop hunt in Oxfordshire, said: ‘Nothing beats riding into (Chipping Norton) square and seeing the thousands of people who have turned out to see us. This is the day when we get to thank them for their continuing support.’

Vanessa is a throw-back to the days when the aristocracy rode into the town square for the fox hunt. The peasants were forced to turn up and cheer and bow to their masters and mistresses on their “high horses.”

Very little has changed, Vanessa has substantial money to dress in this expensive garb and to own hounds.  There will be parties afterwards with the aristocracy and “new blood” travelling down from large British cities to spend some time in the country.   The modern day peasants may own cars and a home, but they are still spectators and not-likely to enter this prestigious hunt.

Fines To Discourage Hound Kills

images-10The fox has been chased with all the fear enveloping it and should there be an ‘accident’ where hounds do tear it apart, the rich fox hunting mob will simply pay a fine.  Since there are many of them involved it will be like pittance to them.

Social Life of the Village

The proponents of fox hunting state that it is a social event for country people.  This may have been the case hundreds of years ago, when country folk had no televisions or cars and seldom got to visit a town or city.  The argument doesn’t wash today. Use these “talented” horse people to put on skilled riding events.

In my opinion, this is violent mob sport – the crowd of aristocratic or privileged bullies using a pack of hounds to chase ONE FOX.   paula.

P.S.  I have written to lesbian author, Rita Mae Brown, about her hunting of foxes.  She replied and joked that “they seldom catch the fox.”


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