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Bomb scare brings Brighton Pride to a halt
A suspicious package was left on Kings Road, a few yards from where the  departure point of the parade. Sussex Police confirmed expert explosive officers have removed the package.Chief Superintendent Nev Kamp said: ‘We are working with Pride organizers to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and ensure the safety of those attending Pride celebration, as well as those going about their daily business in the city.’
The parade got on its way in beautiful weather.  If you are in England, I’d recommend that you visit Brighton.  It is easily accessible by car, train and bus.  If I remember correctly, it was less than a two hour drive from the city of London.

Congrats, Brighton.


‘Oldest gay in the village’ marries partner ahead of Brighton Pride

01 August 2015

Ninety-two year old George Montague, who calls himself ‘the oldest gay in the village,’ is believed to be the oldest gay man in the world to marry after he converted his civil partnership with his partner of 16 years Somchai Phukkhlai into a marriage this week.

According to the BBC, the couple converted their partnership into a marriage at Brighton Town Hall as the city marks its 25th anniversary this weekend.

The Parliament of the United Kingdom passed legislation to allow same-sex couples to marry in England and Wales in July 2013; the laws came into force on 13 March 2014.

‘I tell everybody I’m the luckiest, happiest old gay man alive,’ Montague said in an ITV interview.

He was quoted as saying to BBC South East Today’s Ellie Chrisell that ‘gay people had never had it so good.’

Montague, who was married with three children, didn’t come out until he was 59. He was also convicted under Britain’s former anti-gay laws in his mid-40s, according to Pink News.

Gay sex acts were decriminalized in England and Wales in 1967.


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