Jan 072017

Syrian Refugee Family Starts Chocolate Factory

This is a story to shun,  expose and counteract Breitbart media for it constant lies!

Breitbart is a media company that deliberately produces “fake new, hate and propaganda.”

It claimed that a 1,000-man mob set German’s oldest church alight on New Eve while chanting, Allahu Akbar (God is the greatest).

Truth: some stray fireworks did set a small fire on the netting of the church scaffolding that was put out in 12 minutes.

Truth:  The roof was not on fire.

Truth:   This is NOT Germany’s oldest church.

Truth:  Stray fireworks were not directly linked to any ethic group.

Truth:  Steve Bannon, ex. Breithbard media executive is now employed as chief strategist and senior counselor to President-elect Donald Trump.

Good Islamic News – Canada

After spending three years in refugee camps, the Hadhad family arrived in Canada. They only had the clothes on their back and a knowledge of how to make delicious chocolate.  They settled in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and ONE YEAR later, they are employing ten Canadians.

Media Needs to Promote Peace

While Breitbartmedia is spreading lies and dividing people, we need to have the media expose the

“Breithbart” lies and have President Elect Donald Trump condemn it.

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