Apr 242016

imagesWhen the corporation that designed the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant  (General Electric)and a porn website (xHamster) are boycotting your entire state, you know you’ve done something horribly wrong.

The state has undone not just local ordinances protecting transgender people, but all LGBT nondiscrimination provisions across the state. Literally overnight, people in Charlotte and across North Carolina can now be fired from their jobs for being gay, turned away at hotel chains for being gay, and even forced to show their genitals to a police officer if the cop thinks they might be transgender.

Pat McCory, Governor

Pat McCory, Governor (R)

General Electric and xHamster are among the list—that also includes Ringo Starr and Bruce Springsteen—of beings and corporations that are refusing to do business with North Carolina for its recent banning of local LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances and requirement that transgender people use public bathrooms that match their birth certificates.   It’s also a displaceable act that discriminates against the LGBTI in the form of jobs, housing and the refusal to provide services according to religious conscience.  (There is no indication that a refusal to “Love Thy Neighbour (Jesus) is pricking their consciences).

Let’s keep the boycotts coming, folks, and maybe we can get the NBA to pull the 2017 All-Star game and the NFL to relocate its May team owners meeting (both in Charlotte).


Here’s the list of all the people and companies boycotting or denouncing the state so far:

Ringo Starr

Bad Company 

Bryan Adams

Deutsche Bank


Bruce Springsteen

Pearl Jam

Michael Moore

Sharon Stone


Joel McHale

Blue Men

General Electric

the Dow Chemical Company



Hewlett Packard

Choice Hotels International

Whole Foods

Levis Strauss & Co.



President Obama

Mayors and Employee of various USA States

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