Sep 142015
Malcolm on the left and the homophobe Abbott on the right

Malcolm on the left and the homophobe Abbott on the right

The Bigot is Gone – Tony Abbott No Longer Aussie PM

Tony Abbott has been unbending in his Catholic faith. Like the American clerk, Kim Davis, his religious views deprive others of equal right. Tony Abbott fathered a child outside of marriage – Kim Davis in on her fourth marriage and mothered a child in adultery.   Don’t get me wrong – this is not condemnation, but explaining the facts. Both are hypocrites! Both are hypocrites in jobs that can deny others basic rights of equality.

AustraliaWho is the New Prime Minister of Australia?

Malcolm Turnbull has been a longterm vocal supporter of marriage equality, and stated his support for the Liberals to adopt a conscience vote on the issue in the lead-up to the Coalition party room meeting in August that rejected it.

. Tony Abbott refused the conscience vote and used his power as Prime Minister to threaten any member of his party that voted for marriage equality. The bigoted homophobe is gone – Long Live Equality in Oz.

The Plebiscite?  (It’s a vote by the whole country).

However, sources close to Turnbull have told the Star Observer that at this stage, he would stick with the “party position on a plebiscite on marriage equality” should he be successful in taking the top job from Abbott.

Longman federal Coalition MP Wyatt Roy, the youngest MP in Federal Parliament from Queensland who has also voiced his support for marriage equality and a conscience vote, has reportedly declared he would support Turnbull in the leadership ballot.

Last week, the Victorian and NSW gay and lesbian rights lobbies released the results of a joint survey that confirmed 70 per cent of respondents were against a plebiscite.   A plebiscite would involve ALL Australians voting on marriage equality.   Personally, I disagree with a plebiscite on this issue.   Why would a country vote on an issue that provides the rights of gays and lesbians to marry?

If the plebiscite resulted in a denial of equality of marriage, the LGBTI community would be SECOND CLASS CITIZENS.

AustraliaAustralian Marriage Equality Speaks Out

News of the Liberal leadership spill prompted Australian Marriage Equality (AME) to seek urgent meeting with Turnbull should he become PM.

“Having the leaders of both major federal parties supporting marriage equality would be a first and we hope it would set the reform on a positive path forward,” AME national director Rodney Croome said in a statement.

“Should Malcolm Turnbull become Prime Minister we will seek an urgent meeting with him to chart an appropriate way forward on a reform that he knows is important and urgent.

“Our preferred path forward remains a free vote in parliament this year.”

paula: To all my Aussie LGBTI sisters and brothers – congratulations!

Equality and love always wins out over misery and bigotry!

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