Sep 112015

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This week (September, 2015), I have had many long distance phone calls regarding my computer.  Most of the phone callers have English as their “second” language. I just had a phone call a few minutes ago.  Bear in mind that I am a female.  The last caller repeated the same line – “you have been sending problems to Microsoft.”  Well, I haven’t !   I asked the caller to identify my name or email.  She stated, “I want to speak to the owner of your computer.”    I asked her to state my name. She replied, “Are you Mr. Crockels?”   Really?


SCAMSATM INFORMATION – This “tip” has been falsely circulating. It states that if you had a robber demanding money at an ATM machine, you should , reverse your pin number and money would will come out. It also claims that the police would automatically be called once the reverse number is punched in.  FALSE.  FALSE INFORMATION.

In 1994, a Chicago business man tried to patent this idea and sell it to the banks. No bank has put this in place. Some people have argued that trying to fool a thief with a gun to your head is a bad idea. Just give the thief the cash, you will be reimbursed as most likely the crime will be videod.

Please pass this information on.   Make this a joyful day for yourself and others.


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