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The Irish have a funny song called, “Paddy McGuinty’s Goat.” It is about a farmer that can’t identify the sex of a goat he just bought.


Paddy McGinty's goat

Paddy McGinty’s goat

Mister Patrick McGinty, an Irishman of note,

Came into a fortune, so bought himself a goat.

Said he, “Sure, of goat’s milk I mean to have my fill!”

But when he got his Nanny home, he found it was a Bill.



BENJY THE GAY BULLCharolais-bull


Now, there is an Irish farmer from the County of Mayo, who could tell the difference between a cow and a bull, but he couldn’t guess the bull’s sexual preference.

Benjy is a fine specimen of the Charlolais breed stud known for their ability to sire fine calves. To the farmer’s alarm, Benjy just didn’t see to be attracted to the fine figure of cows. The farmer spoke to the press and said that he thought at first that Benjy was shy about “doing the business in public.” He gave him all the privacy that he needed, but he noticed Benjy was attracted to the other bulls.

Bring in the Experts

A veterinary expert suggested that Benjy had a same-sex orientation.

The farmer is quoted as saying ‘At first I didn’t take seriously that the bull could be gay but after seeking advice I know this can happen,’ he told the Irish Daily Mail.


I made this word up – so bear with the Bull-s&%@! Actually, there isn’t any of the latter – all this story is true.

I’m not saying that the farmer was unkind or had any homo-bull-phobia, but he was in the business of making money or making calves and Benjy was scheduled for the slaughter-house.

People Can Be Kind and a Queer Lot!

This is an irish expression. The words “queer lot” can have many interpretations – unpredictable, stupid, etc. It really isn’t associated with sexual orientation. But when you thought that Benjy was headed for hamburger patties, a group of people were a ‘queer lot.’ They did something unpredictable – they launched a campaign to save Gay Benjy.

Ireland’s Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) and TheGayUK stepped in with a fundraising campaign to buy his life on the website

An online petition started by animal lover Jenna Starar also helped spread the word.

As a result Benjy will travel to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norwich in the UK where he should hopefully live out the rest of his days.

Somewhere Over the Rainbowimages-8

I’m a romantic at heart.!  The Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norwich has other bulls.

If he let’s out a rhythmic Irish roar and does an Irish bull jig – he may just find the male love of his life.   paula.


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