Nov 042016

Even if Melania does not become the First Lady of the White House, I would be happy to give her my children’s ebook called “Belinda’s Dandelion.”


A Must-read for Melania Trump!


Belinda's Dandelion a book about bullying, peer pressure, racism.  It can be read at different levels

Belinda’s Dandelion a book about bullying, peer pressure, racism. It can be read at different levels

It can be viewed as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBooks.  She could first start reading it to her son, Barron, to teach him about bullying.

Racism, bullying, sexism, homophobia, hatred of Muslim and other minority groups – all these ugly learning begin in the home.   Young people also watch people like Donald Trump, and other who divide community into hateful and suspicious camps.

My Idea:

All children are born without the knowledge of the above hateful groups and thoughts.  I picked a Dandelion emerging along with flowers for the first view of life.  The Dandelion praises the beauty of the flowers, and they in turn, tell her that she is radiant and has a head like the shining sun. Everyone is accepting of each other.   Love and praise spreads happiness.

Prejudice Enters the Garden

Adam and Eve were happy and blissed in the Garden of Eden according to the story of Genesis.  Evil entered it.   Evil always seems to turn up in loving situations.  In the darkness of night (and darkness of soul), a perennial hisses (much like the snake in the Garden of Eden).  It belittles the happiness and acceptance and points out that someone is different – someone is second-class – someone should be shunned.  THERE IS A WEED AMONGST THE FLOWERS!

Flowers Try to Work Things Out!

Once having known the happiness and acceptance in the garden, the flowers are reluctant to discuss inferiority.   The Perennial first asserts her leading role – she has bloomed many times. Her knowledge must be respected.   The flowers at first stand up for the Dandelion weed.  The last to fall to the Perennial’s Mob rule is the rose – the symbol of love.

Perennial Uses  History to Argue Her Point

The Perennial not only hisses and intimidates the flowers, she brings history into the topic to justify her stand.   Her Ancestrial family has been fighting wars to rid nature of inferior weeds.  Left alone, weeds will take over pretty gardens and reduce the value and beautify.  In the dark of the night, the dandelion is alone and has lost any sense of worth and dignity.  It does not care whether it lives or dies.  It does not wish to grow in this kind of environment.

The Power of One

Belinda, a small child,  is my hero.   She recognizes the evil that has entered what should have been a community of love and equality.

So Melania I hope you get to read the ebook and also to use your promise and money to have it published and put in every school.   Just like Belinda, Melanie can make a difference!

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