Jan 152017

Feed the poor – clothe the naked – put furs on yourself, Darryl

Paula here.

Now, if I was to say to Belinda and Darryl Scott that I am a proud lesbian and what do the  Christian Scriptures have to say about that….I’d get a quote from Leviticus.  It would be no use arguing that Leviticus was written 3,500 years ago when starting a fire was done with rubbing two stones together, or that the people living at that time dwelled in caves and tents.  They would tell me that God’s words do not change.

Next Question

We support Trump – he never divides, he pays his workers, we skip the adulterer, we skip the not paying workers – We need the money!  White fur coats do not come cheap!!!!

My next question would be, “Hey pastors, would you also quote Leviticus if I was a straight person who committed adultery?  I would get a resounding “YES.”

I would follow that up with if I were a business woman and I went bankrupt and didn’t pay my workers and now I am a billionaire, would claiming that I am a Christian mean that I should pay these people back?

Belinda and Darryl with their Ph.d’s now “smell a rat.”   They might reply, “Well, it depends on whether a billionaire has his or her money tied up.”

I would add, “Like Donald Trump.”

And I would get a “Let God judge Mr. Trump.”

To which I would reply, “But you judged me as a lesbian!”

“No, we did not judge you, we simply referred to your lesbian abomination in Leviticus.”

Final Question

“Now, Belinda and Darryl, you are part of the founding prophets who will gather in prayer around the White House at Mr. Trump’s inauguration?  Isn’t it your pastoral duty to point out his abominations as you did mine?  I mean, you don’t have to judge him!?????”

I am not sure what the final outcome would be.

Maybe they might say, “We have to love our neighbour.”

                                           “God has called him.”  (Nope, Hillary Clinton got the most votes from the people)

I hesitate, “What about all his sexual allegations?  Golden Showers – prostitutes.”

There is a look of victory on the faces of Belinda and Darryl.  “They are allegations.”

O.K  Just one more question pastors – How much did Judas get paid?

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