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Being Human Trumps Religions and Cultures:  I am posing questions that are constantly being raised by homophobics.  I just want to find out what I feel about these topics and if there are multiple ways of answering them.  I believe that if a person writes they can reveal what they feel, so here goes.


“Homosexuality is sinful in my religion and not welcome in my culture.”

My thoughts are that the fundamental experience of being human should never be denied by religion, culture or society. It trumps all laws.  We are born into a race and skin colour.  We are born into a country and maybe into a religion.  Fundamentally, we are sexual beings and we can use sex to exploit others, or use it as a means to express deep love and gratitude.

Sexuality cannot be denied, it is what makes us human.  Acting on one’s sexuality with integrity cannot be sinful.  Cultures change when people are educated.  Tolerance emerges out of empathy. Cultures are enriched by embracing differences. Culture cannot be static. Intolerance, ignorance and a lack of fundamental rights for ALL persons diminishes a culture.

“Homosexuality is unnatural and all their sex acts amount to lust.”

This judgmental and narrow attitude can only lead to discrimination against homosexuals.   When any minority is discriminated against, it is not unusual for physical and emotional violence to occur.  Physical violence often leads to rape and death.  Emotional violence leads to minorities being cast out of families and churches.  They often lose their jobs.  “Corrective rape” for lesbians is endemic in countries such as South Africa.

It would be unnatural for a heterosexual to become a homosexual – and- vice versa.  Except in brain-washed religious congregations and uneducated pockets of people, most enlightened and scientific communities know that homosexuality is born in people.  Therefore, being true to themselves and their sexuality, they cannot and should not be termed “unnatural.”

In the realm of lust – both homosexual and heterosexuals can fall into this category. While homosexuals cannot create new life with a same-sex partner, they can adopt or if a woman, she can conceive a child.   Sex should never be isolated from love and bonding. Outside of the bedroom, heterosexuals and homosexuals lead a life that is shared on so many areas, even if it is as simple as going to work, buying new furniture, or holding a sick partner.

“Don’t we have a right to change a constitution, if we don’t want to protect gays anymore? We need laws to protect our children from homosexual behaviours.

This has happened recently in countries like Uganda and Nigeria.  In Uganda, for example, a group of right-wing fundamentalists, led by Scott Lively, infected Ugandan society with hatred of homosexuals.  Within months a bill was raised in Uganda’s parliament to “hang homosexuals” and a newspaper outed homosexuals resulting in the murder of an activist gay man, David Koto.   Nigeria is introducing laws to jail homosexuals for life.  It is erroneous to try and ‘protect’ children from homosexuality when it is a universal way of life.  In the “protecting” comes the knowledge to gay children that they are sinful, immoral and unnatural.  They grow up trying to deal with their own sexual difference in a climate of hate and fear.   We cannot hurt any child.  Children need to know that there is a diversity of opinions whether they exist in religions, races, cultures, genders, traditions or in sexual oreintation.  Nothing worthwhile is ever learned by hatred or diminishing another human being.

No one has the right to take away entrenched rights that protect minorities.  That is why a just government has laws and a constitution to protect minorities and prevent civil wars (remember Rwanda).  South Africa (remembering apartheid) has a constitution protecting all minorities.  Yet, some African politicians want rights of homosexuals to be removed from the constitution.  Should apartheid be up for review or rescinded?  Discrimination based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation should be under review.  They are all considered human rights under the United Nations Charters of Rights and Freedoms.   If a country is conservative,  this is precisely why a constitution exists in order to protect minorities.

Homosexuality is not part of our tradition!

 If one states that ‘tradition is the most important factor in society, then we need to look at traditions carried out by humans.  Some  past traditions involved cannibalism (but this has largely died out due to microwave ovens and frozen dinners) just kidding!


and sacrificing virgins, but these were deemed as unfit when applied to other humans.


The above pictures is of the mummy of a young girl named “The Ice Maiden” or “Juanita”, excavated in the mid 1990s by Johan Reinhard (PBS Nova, Peru). Based on the archaelogical evidence and on accounts of child sacrifices documented by the conquering Spaniards, Juanita was a young girl who was sacrificed in the name of Inca religion. She was found above 18,000 feet on the peak of Ampato, northwest of Cuzco, the capital of the Inca empire, preserved by ice, richly covered in textiles and accompanied by an abundant array of burial artefacts.

My Question:  When is persecuting humans  part of any country’s culture?


Tilda Swinton, July 2013, demonstrating against the Russian parliament’s discrimination against homosexual laws recently introduced.

When will persecuting homosexuals be deemed equally antiquated, inhumane and against the laws of the human race?  There is also no such thing as a “pure traditional society.”  By that I mean, people tend to be choosy when it comes to keeping some traditions and eliminating others.   For example, some society may think or say that homosexuality is not part of their tradition.  But if you ask them to walk and read by candle-light they will balk. ” We are  the enlightened ones,” they would argue, “You can’t hold back the tide of scientific advances and information.”   Well, I rest my case.   Science time and again has told us that “homosexual are born” and that “changing homosexuals” does not work.    “No, we are not interested in THAT kind of science because we have certain traditions to keep.”


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