Mar 222017

Beauty And The Beast Smashes the US Box Office to set weekend record

Disney Company ignores criticism from ultra right-wing Christians and Muslims.  In the first weekend run, it now claims to the the seventh biggest opening of all time!    Way to go – Disney!  There are more people in this world that acknowledge that sexual orientation includes – heterosexual, homosexual and transpersons.

The Money Rolls in

New live-action Disney movie Beauty and the Beast has set a box office record on its opening weekend. The movie, which opened in most global territories on Friday, took $170million (€158million) at the US box office alone – a record amount for a March opening.  Usually huge figures are associated with summer months or Christmas viewing.

Previous Records

The previous March record was held by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which took $166million in its opening weekend last year.

Beauty’s opening even beats the final instalment of the final Harry Potter movie, which took $169million in its opening weekend in 2011 (both it and Beauty star British actress Emma Watson)

The success of Beauty and the Beast comes despite mixed lukewarm reviews (70% on Rotten Tomatoes) and controversy over the inclusion of a gay character.

Kudos to Director of the Film

Le Fou

Director Bill Condon has described the decision to show Gaston’s personal manservant, LeFou (played Josh Gad) as having a crush on his villainous boss as ‘subtle’. Some Christian groups in the USA were upset and foreign distributors were cautious.

In Russia, the film recieved an adult rating according to some sources, but others have hinted that it will be banned.

The film is not being released in Malaysia after the government there demanded that scenes alluding to the LeFou’s sexuality be cut.

Disney refused and said it would not release the film in the country in censored form.  Chinese showing was strong without the film being uncensored.


Beauty and the Beast Number One Around the

Outside the US, the film took $180million (€167million) from 44 markets (racking up a cumulative gross of $350million/€325million).

It opened at number one in every market except Turkey, Vietnam and India. Outside the US, its biggest opening was the UK, where it took $22.8million.

In the US, the film’s appeal cut across all demographic groups, with 22% of the audience being children under 12.

For LGBT kids, this film will be important.

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