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Now, I would think that most Christians, even those so far to the right (that they are in danger of falling off Mother Earth) would agree that Jesus wore the simple clothes of his day.  Even the most outrageous Evangelic Website would post Jesus wearing clothes as seen in the pictures.


Jesus love all. He told us "Love one another as I have loved you." - and- "Do not judge."

Jesus love all. He told us “Love one another as I have loved you.” – and- “Do not judge.”





Now, back to Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill 1st.   Compare Pope Benedict’s wardrobe with that of Patriarch Krill.



Pope Benedict wore red designer slippers/shoes.

Pope Benedict wore red designer slippers/shoes.

Pope Benedict – A Fashion Comment (LOL)

“The ex- Pope, wearing a fabulous vintage chiffon-lined Dior gold lamė (pronounced lam-may)
gown over a silk Vera Wang empire waist tulle cocktail
dress, accessorized with a three-foot House of Whoville hat and the ruby
slippers Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz, on his way to tell us
it’s Wrong to be Gay…..Lol…. (Tony comments on Pink News).  – Notice the red slippers/shoes that are designer fashion.”

Now To The Fashion-Prince:  Kirill, Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

He has stated that being a Christian does not mean a person has to be drab – For the Patriarch, life is a celebration (tell that to the beggars on a garbage/rubbish/trash site outside of Calcutta, India). Interfax-Russia points out that as Metropolitan of Moscow, Kirill emphasized the importance of aesthetics in the church, explaining, “Orthodoxy is not the squalor but beauty of life. Orthodoxy does not compel us to put on bleak black-and-gray-and-brown colors.”  But does it tell you to wear gold braided garments, crowns and crosses? (and wear an expensive watch – see below).


What? It’s St. Patrick’s Day!


“The Lady in Red” oops, it’s the “Gentleman in Red”


What? The Wise Men brought gold to Jesus, and I am representing Jesus in Russia!


This is multi-purpose headgear, when I feel like dancing, it turns into a disco ball – watch me Flash Dance!


I’m not coming out – until there is MORE lovely gold! You in the pews, take off those gold wedding rings and gold crosses, NOW!  You. priests, go around with the collection basket!

























The Disappearing Watch Trick

Patriarch Kirill has come under Russian attack for his wearing of an expensive watch that is valued at $30,000. (He states it was a parishioner’s gift).  What is deceitful is that the Patriarch wore it on the Russian Orthodox’s Church webpage – and – behold!!  The watch disappeared and the Patriarch is seen not wearing the watch.  The person who failed to properly “doctor” or change/photoshop the image failed to notice the reflection on the desk.

Now, you see it - now, you don't!

Now, you see it – now, you don’t!

A Breguet watch on Patriarch Kirill I, left, vanished in a doctored photo, but its reflection on the table remained. The Russian Orthodox Church Web site later restored it.

The Ritual of Washing the Feet (Easter Time Tradition)


Pope Francis has also washed the feet of a Muslim, not in an effort to convert the man, but to symbolize all people are equal. O.K Your Holiness, what about the LGBTI community?

When Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, he was sending a clear message – He had come to serve others!  They were to symbolically ‘wash the feet of others.’  Pope Francis tried to spread the message of service by wearing a simple priestly garment.  To symbolize today’s society (and members of the Church), he chose 6 men and 6 women inmates of prison.  This symbolized that no human is perfect!

6 men, 6 women and inmates of a prison.

6 men, 6 women and inmates of a prison.    The picture shows a woman of colour.

Let’s Do it the Russian Orthodox -Christian- Way

First, we symbolize Christ and his humble dress and ways by really going fashion-crazy.  I may be willing as a Patriarch to be a servant to others, but let’s not forget about style and who is performing this ritual!!!

Dressed appropriately for the washing of feet!

Dressed appropriately for the washing of feet!

Now, as Patriarch I have a right to choose whose feet are washed.  I’m not a macho man, but Jesus washed only the feet of men, and I’m doing the same.  Only, the feet washed by Jesus were of ordinary men (fishermen, a tax collector etc) I, the Patriarch of Russia, will only wash the feet of elevated men.  My priests are not only elevated but I (or Orthodoxy) wishes them to be very well dressed for the part.!!!!


Notice that the Patriarch Krill has humbled himself by removing some of his lavish outer garments. After the feet washing, he puts them back on.

Latest news, both Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill have met.  They decided that Christians should not be persecuted (never mentioned the persecution of the LGBTI communities).  They agreed that marriage is between a man and a woman (The Patriarch is married and gets all the sex that his heart can take).

Some people have commented that Patriarch Kirill looks like a gay dresser!   Wrong! Wrong!  Wrong!  Gay guys have better taste in clothing.



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