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Ysrael Bien of St. Francis Catholic Church in Sherwood, Ore., has been placed on administrative leave for not promptly reporting a hidden camera that was placed next to a toilet in a men’s restroom.A Fillipino born Roman Catholic priest has been charged for failing to report a hidden camera.  A young teen was using the mens’ bathroom and looked puzzled at an electrical outlet.  It looked ‘different’ and upon pulling out a wire, he discovered a hidden camera.  The camera was placed at waist level to the urinal.

The Outlet Camera:

The hidden camera made to look like an electrical outlet was found in the bathroom of an Oregon church and a priest has been placed on leave for not reporting the incident for nearly a month.

The Archdiocese of Portland addressed members of the St. Francis Church in Sherwood, Ore. in a letter Thursday to explain that the Rev. Ysrael Bien was placed on administrative leave.

A camera that was designed to look like an electrical outlet was discovered in a men’s restroom in the church and reported to Bien in late April,2015. But the clergyman did not notify police of the incident until May the following month.

The Cover Up

When news spread regarding the camera and the fact that Fr. Bien had not reported the matter to the police, pressure was put on the Archdiocese.   The priest who is notoriously homophobic, explained that he put the camera in a drawer.  Upon returning the same day, the camera had disappeared.  Fr. Bien claimed that the camera had no memory when the boy brought it to him. (How convenient?)


Bien was formally charged as a suspect on Tuesday, with police believing he either placed the camera there or helped the person who did it.

A 35-year-old who was born in the Philippines, he has been outspoken against same-sex marriage ever since he was ordained in the Catholic Church in 2010.  He is a sickening conservative right wing Roman Catholic. In the past he has spoken against same-sex couples marrying.  He has also told remarried women (obviously their marriages not being annulled by the Church) that they are living in sin.  He told these women that they had to choose between renouncing their Catholic faith or “living as brother and sister’ with their new spouse.:”

So, now Fr. Bien what are YOUR choices?  It is my humble opinion that you should seek counselling (not Catholic counselling) and ‘come out’ as a gay man.   paula

The camera was designed to look like an electrical outlet that was placed nect to a toilet in a men’s restroom.

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