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Is this how things will look in North Carolina?

Is this how things will look in North Carolina?

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Like so many people I am researching the North Carolina legislature that was passed in March 2016.  Governor Pat McCrory signed – a bill that bans trans people from bathrooms that don’t match the sex the gender they were  were assigned at birth. There are 40 similar bills being considered in at least 16 US states that echo this now-successful piece of legislation, according to HumanRights Campaign.  Up to this point, where have transgendered people been peeing?  There has not been ONE incident of a transgendered female molesting little girls or a male transgendered person molesting little boys.  Haven’t transgendered persons gone through enough emotion and practical issues to be who they truly are – feeling safe and right in their own sexual definition?





I may be very simplistic, but I am thinking of a scenario:  Outside a public washroom/toilets is a person with a beard, tattoos and muscles.  O.K, his appearance is that of a male.  Problem!  Sirens go off!  Call the Potty Police – he has female genitalia and was born a female.   The new law states that he/she must use the toilets that match his sex at birth!!!  Problem – this male looking person must go into the female/women’s washroom and will have little girls screaming, “Mommy, there’s a man in our washroom/toilets!”  Problem – women yell “police” and this person (hopefully who does not desperately want the facility) must be subject to inspection – by who?   Transgendered persons must now carry a birth certificate in North Carolina!


On the other hand, a transgendered female – born male– must walk into the men’s washrooms in a dress and heels wearing makeup – and tell the men, “Look guys I was born with male parts, but I have to use your washroom.”   If rape is going to happen, it will happen in this situation, or a group of males will feat up this transgendered female.

Kansas have proposed a bill that would  allow someone to sue a public school if they saw a transgender person in a bathroom that didn’t match their sex assigned at birth. (Who is going to be checking people’s genitals if this passes? And isn’t that assault?)  O

Beyond the research, suicide in North Carolina is a very personal topic for many activists and leaders I have spoken to over years reporting on LGBT violence in the state, where sources have told me that this is one of the biggest concerns they see in their community daily.

Before the North Carolina bill was passed in the house, Republican representative Dean Arp told the chamber that it was “common sense” to stop transgender people from using the restrooms they desired because “biological men should not be in women’s showers, locker rooms and bathrooms”.

It was water fountains during segregation.  Intersex people (those born with a dubious diagnosis of sex assignment) already break the sex binary because they exist outside of male- and female-typical bodies, of which there are over 40 types — is it so hard for people to grasp that something as subjective and fluid as gender can exist as more than the binary male and female?



  • In the UK, the Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123. In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is on 13 11 14. Hotlines in other countries can be easily found on the internet.

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