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Paula here.   I’m Canadian and geez I’m worried about the American election.  I am actually here in Australia with my wife and they are equally worried at the other side of the world!

I’m a history buff.  I can’t get Schindler’s List out of my mind.  Trish and I visited Auschwitz.  I am a pacifist and I try to be fair and just to everyone I meet.  After all, we are all part of the one human race.  But honestly, this Trump stuff is really scary.

History Repeats Itself – Trump Knows How to Raise the Cess Poolimages-15 images-14

Trump has spent more money on red baseball hats than on campaign ads. ((I think I’m right on this one).   He has his slogan to the easily led bigots, “Make America Great Again.” But, Trump (according to first wife) had Mein Kampf on his bedside table. Baseball hats, T-shirts and signs unite people. They become hardcore loyalists. Heck, my wife and I are Toronto Maple Leaf hockey fans and we stick to what has been a losing team.

Nazi Germany

Just a note.  We have wonderful German friends who were born after the Nazi era.  We cannot put all Germans in the Nazi bucket.

Hitler used the youth and by adding uniforms and salutes united them.

Nazi youth - united by uniforms, salutes and slogans.

Nazi youth – united by uniforms, salutes and slogans.

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Now, go back to Hitler’s Nazi Germany, uniforms, Hitler youth, swastika and arm bands. This swayed millions to murder (directly or indirectly).








Start indoctrinating the young - KKK style

Start indoctrinating the young – KKK style


Let’s not forget those white hoods of the KKK. Trump knows exactly what the rabble needed. Now, Donald’s son Eric is saying “We love everyone” but also advocating violence as in his statement to the media that the head of the KKK “needs a bullet.” History repeats itself.

Positive Baseball Caps

Proud co-owner of Chicago Cubs

Proud co-owner of Chicago Cubs

I'm with Hillary - Laura wears baseball hat

I’m with Hillary – Laura wears baseball hat

Look, baseball hats and fans rooting for their beloved team (or political party) is fine.  I have been rooting for the Chicago Cubs because the Cleveland Indians beat our Toronto Blue Jays. (I’m a sore loser at times – LOL).  And I’m glad to report that Laura Ricketts (proud and open lesbian co-owner of the Cubs is also a Hillary supporter.

To quote Michelle Obama – “When they go low, we go high.”  I’m trusting that decent Americans will come to win.  The world is watching.  Go out and vote please.

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