Mar 182015


Two straight women friends went for a girls’ night on the town.  Both were faithful and loving wives.  They talked and laughed and joked while downing many alcoholic drinks.  Being good citizens, both women decided to walk home and not drive their cars.  With all the drink they had consumed, both women soon needed to pee.

“We can’t pee here with all the cars passing! said Milly.

“Why, why, why not over there – in the cemetery!” suggested Molly as she slurred out the words.

Neither women had any kleenex or paper, so Milly decided to take off her underwear and use it as toilet paper.  Molly, however, was wearing a very expensive pair of underwear and did not want to ruin them.

“I need to poo,” said Molly staggering. “There’s no way, I’m using these expensive white undies.  Through her impaired vision, Molly squatted next to a grave.  She reached for a wreath that had a very large ribbon on it.  “This will do nicely.”

The Husbands React

It was Sunday morning and Milly’s husband watched his wife as she slept.  By late afternoon, he definitely knew that she was very hung over.  He looked at her and no longer saw her as sweet, innocent and loyal.  Fear overcame him and he phoned Molly’s husband.

“Mike,” said Patrick,  “We can’t let our wives go out on Saturday nights again.  I’m starting to suspect the worse.  Milly came home with no panties.”

“Patrick, I was just about to phone you.  I’m going out of my mind.  Molly came home with a card stuck to her ass and do you know what the card said?
“No.” answered Mike, “What did the card say?”

Patrick’s voice was trembling, “It said, ‘From all of us at the Fire Station, We will never forget you!”

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