Apr 302013

Stunt Women:  images-31 Are you still that tomboy?   Do you like thrills?   Can you flirt with danger? With more and more women taking on spy roles like Angelina Jolie in “Salt.”  There needs to be women who can act as doubles.  Drive that James Bond car over a bridge that is open!  Jump from a 50 storey building.  Wow, even I am excited!


Enjoy setting off  “legitimate” explosions, then take a course in pyrotechnics.    Many in this career travel with groups and set the stage for all that fire, gas effects and fireworks.  Now, don’t take this job if you have grudges and the desire to kill off an ex (LOL)Unknown-3




DRIVING TRANSPORT TRUCKS:  This is where you tone down the “thrills” and avoid “explosions” of every kind.images-25

Maybe you and your girlfriend want to travel, but lack money.  Large transport trucking companies are constantly looking for reliable drivers and women are perfectly acceptable.   Times have changed and women drivers are more acceptable in what was a male bastion.  Many husbands and wives drive together and two women are unlikely to raise eyebrows except with the few ‘red necks.’  It’s a great way to meet people along the route and stop overs give you a chance to see new places.


Take a look at your local community college. images-26 Some government agencies are willing to pay women to work at trades.   After some work experience on the job, you could open your own business.



MEDIA JOBS-Travel, Interview, Use a television Camera, Sound, Pyrotechnics?

Gone are the days when only men carried television cameras to interview community event or crime scenes.  images-27Cameras are now lighter to carry   Broadcasting offers a variety of jobs.  Once you are within a broadcasting corporation various jobs present themselves.  If interested, you can always train for new jobs and companies will often pay your tuition. And if you speak a second language, the doors open for you in many professions.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Could You Photograph Corpses, Diseases?

images-29If photography is something you like, maybe you could link it to sports or fashion or other interests.  A friend of mine worked as a photographer in a large hospital.  Some of his work demanded a strong stomach, but he was never bored.  Photographers are also employed by the Police Departments.    Interested in starting your own business?  Use your photographs to make cards, calendars etc on-line.  Take a course in photography.  Volunteer your time in a photography organization, or work in a photography store.This will build up your knowledge.  Ask to accompany a photographer to weddings etc.


If you would like a like on the ocean waves, think about buying a boat.   There are fisherwomen who earn their living by catching fish.   Offer to bring tourists (or lesbian women as an option) on rides around your coast or inland waterways.


Like sleeping?  You can test beds for mattress companies.    Got a strong nose?   Some companies need odor tests for deodorants. Just ask a volunteer to life his or her arm and smell away.

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