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Australia’s “Marriage Alliance” is a right-wing religious association bent on destroying the nation that was built on equality, justice and fair play.  Like all bigots, these folks like the benefits of marriage and want to deny it from LGBTI persons.  Like their counterparts in the USA, these folk are quite content to twist facts and ignore scientific studies.  They are typical fear mongers – “Gay marriage will lead to the destruction of society!”  (Well, I got married in Canada in 2006 and Canada is alive and well and welcoming Syrian refugees).   Another fear and lie, “Children raised in same-sex families are maladjusted and drop out of school!”   Anyone with a brain can go to university research carried out in Britain, Europe, the USA and Australia and see that the opposite is true.  Most kids raised by gay parents have been taught the values of diversity and tolerance.  I find it personally sickening that these people who claim to be Christian, can stoop to lies!  Jesus called Satan, “The Father of Lies.”

The Ad:  There’s More to It Than You Think!

Marriage Alliance, Australia picks a natural disaster.  Who does not remember the movie, “Titanic” with humans dying in frigid waters?  The iceberg was a natural occurrence, but Marriage Alliance has made it ‘The hidden monster of Marriage Equality.”   The analogy is simple – poor vulnerable Australian society will be struck by an unfashionably large ‘Gay Agenda.’  The ship is obviously the innocent Australian public.  The problem always lies with analogies – they can be interpreted differently.  The Titanic passengers were not aware of the iceberg, but the Australian public is in a different era where access to the media and studies on gay marriage are available.  If the iceberg is supposed to be a ‘big and deep monster’ that is absurd!  The Netherlands legalized gay marriage in 2002 and there are an incredible number of documents, cases, videos available – no hidden iceberg!

The Titanic as an Analogy

In 1912, the first class passengers of the Titanic sailed as a privileged group.  They brought their wealth on board – cars, horses, paintings, jewelry and cash, enormous amounts!  Heavy iron doors separated them from the lower classes.  Like Australia’s “Marriage Alliance” these rich and often titled persons had no real concerns about equality!  They were the privileged and powerful group.  If they were factory owners, it did not bother them that their mills were unsafe and unhealthy places.  They were men and women of leisure while their workers put in 12 hour shifts for six days a week (and in some cases, church services were monitory for workers!).  Naturally, most of the first class passengers were practising “Christians!”

Titanic: An Analogy for Marriage Equality? 

The main problem that the Titanic sank was leadership and training.  Instructions and information was garbled from the Captain and down through the rank and file.  This is true about “Marriage Alliance.”  Truth and information is not being given from “Marriage Alliance” to the Australian people.  It is perfectly safe for me to speculate that if Australians were to suffer any kind of social disaster, these pompous, bigoted and self-righteous members of “Marriage Alliance” would be the first in the limited number of lifeboats.  It would not be a case of “women and children first” as in the story of the Titanic, but “Our brand of Christians first and to hell with anyone else!”  If a group such as “Marriage Alliance” attacks one group of society with hatred and lies, then who is next on the list?

“Marriage Alliance” is affiliated in spirit with its counterpart in the USA.  The members tend to be right win Republicans who are repulsed by:  immigrants, the poor, unwed mothers, LGBTI persons, and other minorities.  They are presently attacking Muslims.  Now, of course, on the USA Marriage Alliance Facebook, you will not read such attacks, but their members are repugnant!

Life Boat Analogy:   The Role of the Main Ship Titanic

Again, if “Marriage Alliance” is representing the Titanic as society, there is definitely a problem with certain classes of society.  Here is a site http://www.icyousee.org/titanic.html   If things go wrong in a society, history points out, that the most vulnerable ** (poor, uneducated, women, children, old and minorities) will suffer.  This was the case in the survival rate of the Titanic according to class and wealth.

1st Class……..62% of First Class passengers survived (97% of the women lived).  This is societies elite.

2nd Class……43% of all passengers survived.  (Let’s call them the working class)

3rd Class……25% of all passengers survived.  (Let’s call them the vulnerable) **

In conclusion:  The Titanic and Iceberg was a stupid analogy put into an advertisement and aired on some television stations.  Many (non-thinking) comments have hit the Aussie papers – such as, “Marriage Alliance’s” right to their opinion.  This is a worn-out argument.  If an opinion turns out to degrade and not give all citizens equal rights that it is a hateful and bigoted opinion.  What’s next?  Shall we have Neo-Nazis with opinions about Jews and Catholics?   Would we tolerate white Australian racists writing humiliating comments about the native Aborigines?


Another “Marriage Alliance” ad in Australia is of a woman with a rainbow noose around her neck. Both these ads have been aired on a television channel.  How many of our gay brothers/sisters have committed suicide with a rope – ?  How many hateful parents or bullies at school have resulted in people taken their lives?   How many hateful religious groups have tightened the noose?


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