May 132013

Our visit to a koala hospital, Queensland, Oz.
Trish wears blue.

AUSTRALIA: We’ve Fallen in Love with You!

I was born in Ireland, emigrated to Canada, and found and married ‘the love of my life.’ But, I’ll let you into a secret, my wife and I, have each fallen in love – with another- Australia!

Trish went on a teacher exchange in 2003 and I accompanied her.  That is when the ‘affair’ first began. We fell in love with the people, the land, and its nature. (Now, we are a three-some, LOL).

Trish now goes on the internet every day to the Sydney Morning Herald.  She tells me about certain places that we have visited on the two occasions we toured Australia. (2003 & 2011) The last time,

blue van

“True Blue” meaning solid, faithful friend.

we bought an old van, “True Blue,” slept in it, and toured five states: New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland. We travelled to the Outback and took pictures of horses and camels that were set free to graze at the side of the road outside of the town of Broken Hill.

We remember the first time we visited Oz in 2003. We were in a campsite in Queensland and located by the fabulous Whitsunday Islands. We were cooking steaks on a communal bar-b-q.  Our backpacks displayed Canadian flags and we were indulging in a favourite Aussie past time – drinking wine.  There was a  wonderful group of lively seniors gathered around tables.  One  man called over, “Hey, you Canucks, what wine are you drinking with yer steaks?”  We responded by reading the label.  The man was not impressed.

“Ah, Gawd!  Hey, Harry, bring over a bottle of our  wine.”  He walked over and placed the bottle beside the bar-b-que.  “This one is from our state of Victoria.  It’s the best wine in Australia.  Here, it’s on us.”  Needless to say, several glasses later, and we were all warm ‘mates.’  Trish joined them seniors for  country line-dancing session.(Boot-scooting boogie).

Forward now from 2003 to 2011.  It is our second visit to Australia.

New Years Eve

Wanted: Lesbians to share a coffee or a beer
in 2015. Reply:

Here we are fulfilling a dream on our ‘bucket list.’ It’s New Year’s Eve  2011.

Trish and I are ready to watch the fireworks display on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.   A warning to Aussies, Trish and I are returning in 2015!!!

(Paula left – Trish right)


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