Apr 172013

The All Blacks (NZ) play the green and gold Aussies in rugby


Ah, my Aussie friends, you let the Kiwis of “the Long White Cloud” (NZ) beat you to the punch on passing same sex marriage!  They also beat you on being the first country to give women the vote!  Now, they are the 13th country to make gays and lesbians really happy and feeling acknowledged as equal citizens.

My Aussie friends, this Canadian loves your country and people.  I’ve lived there for one year, and last year, my partner(spouse) and I travelled for five months.  Yes, it’s my spouse we were legally married and the “sky didn’t fall.”

Now, non Kiwis and Aussies reading this site may not know that the rivalry between your two countries is well known.  I’ve printed John Williamson’s lyrics to show the close bond and equal rivalry.

The kiwi says he’s very proud  –He’s from the land of the long white clou

The emu brags of open plans–Way out where it seldom rains

They argue that their home is bliss–They will fight it out at a rugby test*

There thick as thieves I’m telling you-The kiwi and the emu


So don’t be fooled if you see them fight    —When tempers fray on a summer’s night

If you pick on one you pick on two  –The kiwi and the emu



Aussie and Kiwis known as Diggers
fought side by side in many wars

They fought together many wars
Side by side on foreign shores
Back away no not at all
They buried there mates to the bugle
Always wearing a diggers hat
Never forgotten that is that
Feel like brothers? Of course they do
The kiwi and the Emu

So here’s a warning take it in
These two birds thought thick and thin
Will stick together till the end
Cause a mate is a mate far dinkum


New Zealand became the first Asia-Pacific country to legalise same-sex marriag

Kiwis kiss after the Bill passed.
Aussies – get moving!


Aussies, are your politicians
this happy?Louise Wall proposed the Bill

So, my Aussie friends, look at the happiness the Kiwis are experiencing.  I am proposing a same-bird marriage between the Emu and the Kiwi.   It’s fair dinkum, mates!