Dec 242016

The Christmas songs and carols are sounding everywhere I go – but, it’s hard to think that it is Christmas when you are driving in 30C  Australian 

weather.  Some things are the same as they would be in December in Canada:

—people are looking forward to a few days off work.

—- parking lots are filled with cars with gift buyers or shop watchers.

—- store employees often were Santa hats.

—- kids are pointing to ‘stuff’ they want

—adults are packing electronic stores, especially the Apple Store.

And, take a drive after the shopping through the poorer parts of town and you will see homes in need of repairs, soup kitchens and the homeless.  These sights are universal.


Don’t get me started on terrorist bombings during this Christmas season, or the uncertain and unsteady rise to power of Donald Trump!  Yet, within the human soul is the ability to soar.  Christmas is about peace and caring not just for our families and ourselves but for this fragile world.

As the song goes, “Let there be Peace on earth and let it begin with me!”

The Christmas songs and carols will cease by Boxing Day (Dec.26th) and then we can opt to be absorbed with insanity – or rise above it.  We can’t be dragged into politics where most of us are helpless and watch from the sidelines.  Yes, we can vote and march and protest.  We can write to newspaper and embassies.  We do what we can to bring hope to our workers, families, schools and ourselves.  We DO WHAT WE CAN as individuals where we are planted.

I saw a documentary on minimalism.  It did not condemn consumerism, but OVER consumerism.  Buying more does not bring happiness and does not fill the void that many of us are feeling.  Giving things away helps fill the void.  Instead of buying ONE MORE shirt or blouse to place with the 30 we already have – give the money to a homeless shelter, environment protection organisation – a women’s organisation – or sending kids to school in a developing country!  I am not preaching or asking you to do  any of these things, but it is one of my New Year’s Resolutions and I just wanted to share.

You – yourself – are an incredible source of power and wisdom.  Like icebergs, we humans do not tap into that spiritual source (I am not speaking of religion).  We are pure loving energy that cannot die.  We are powerful.  We need to nourish ourselves with good books from the library or playing a growth cd on our way to work.  Our minds are being polluted with the negativity with politics that divide humans.  Politicians use propaganda to have us look with hate and contempt on our neighbours -whether in our own country -or around the world.

One candle burning is fragile and brave, but thousands and millions of them burning in solidarity is an awesome sight and force.



Let your candle burn and ADD it to others that think this is a beautiful world.  It has incredible nature – birds sing, plants grow and animals are faithful to us.  If you were to stand in a line of humanity that stretched around the world, you would see a shorter line of richer people ahead of you.  Now, look back from where you are standing and the line of those poorer than you is enormous.  Burn your candle by igniting it with attitude and gratitude.

Love and peace and strength to you,


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