Jul 282013



Among the visitors to our site stories4hotbloodedlesbians.com are friends from Papua New Guinea.  This is awesome to have visitors from unique corners of the globe, proving once again that lesbians are everywhere!  Hey!


You probably know that Papua New Guinea is located near Australia. th-7


Tribal women of PNG

What encouraged me to write this blog and post it immediately is that my spouseTrish (we are legally married in Canada) and I were watching a David Attenborough video on the incredible bird life on this island.  Two unique natives of this beautiful island were working individually, and at times as a team, to preserve the bird population.  It has been customary for native tribes to use the feathers of birds in their head-dress.

Trish and I will be heading back to visit wonderful friends in Australia in the next couple of years.  We are both avid bird watchers and we’d like to visit Papua New Guinea.   If you are a visitor to this site and you would like to correspond with Trish and myself, here is our email:


How are the lesbians of PNG?   Best wishes from Canada to you all.


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