Sep 102013


I’m paula key, and this is my web site.   I grew up being a Tomboy.  I give the word a capital “T” because I think it deserves one.  I also give diversity a capital D, when I feel the need to do so.  I always want to put the word lesbian in bold capital letters – LESBIAN!


If there was a boys’ soccer game in my village, I was playing and coming home with dirt all over me.  I climbed trees and just about liked everything that boys wore or had in their possession.  I borrowed toy guns and we played Cowboys and Bandits, or Cowboys and Indians.  I borrowed boys comic books from two Polish boys who lived a couple of doors down.

For the purpose of this blog, I tried to pose questions that you might like to answer.  If the answer is ‘yes’ to most of these questions, then you qualify or did qualify as a tomboy.

  1.  Did you prefer guns or action toys to dolls?
  2.  Were shorts and jeans your choice over dresses?
  3.  Before becoming a teenager, did you prefer to hang out with boys    rather than girls.
  4.  Did you avoid makeup when girls were excited about it?
  5.  Did getting dirty when playing not bother you ?
  6.  Did you fail to get excited  when your breasts first appeared?
  7.  Did you wish to have boys clothing like leather jackets?
  8.   Were you active in sports both in school and after school?
  9.  Did you force yourself now and again to wear high heels?
  10.  Did most boys view you just as a friend and not a potential date
  11. Did you, or did you wish you could wear a tie?


12 Were you embarrassed when girls screamed when they saw a spider or bee?

13   Did girls tell you that you were too rough, or acted like a boy?

14   Were you ever called a lesbian?

15   Did you feel protective of girls that you liked?

16   Did you feel out-of-place when girls were obsessing over guys?

17   Did you have a nick name?

18   Did you try to act or sound like a boy?

19   Did you read about cars, trucks, bikes and have these magazines in your room?

20. Did you use your bike as a dirt bike?  (Or do you ride one now?).

Just a thought, I wonder what percentage of  TOMBOYS were, and still are, LESBIANS?


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