Apr 272015

471147450X400The briefs are filed; the protest permits are locked in; the line-standers are camping out – they form opposing lines mostly in the name of the same God.  Either God is love or God hates homosexuals.

April 28, 2015 Both Side Watch and Wait

The oral argument is known by both sides and it is up to the Supreme Court Judges to decide and  implement their decision in every state.  It is not logical to have marriage equality in some states and not in others.

What Will Be Discussed?

Jesus "torn" on the cross between love and hatred

Jesus “torn” on the cross between love and hatred – Go feed the poor and house the homeless!


Oral argument before the Supreme Court will take only a few hours on Tuesday morning, and hinge on an important question: whether marriage equality for gays and lesbians is a new right, or whether it’s an aspect of the existing right to marry. The couples argue that the Supreme Court has already recognized marriage as a fundamental freedom, and states cannot impose arbitrary restrictions on that freedom. The four states (Tennessee, Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio) before the court argue that federal law has only recognized marriage as fundamental for straight couples — a claim that echoes the racist arguments against overturning interracial marriage laws in the 1960s.



The justices will hear the case just a few days after a new survey shows public support for marriage equality rising to new heights. A new Washington Post/ABC survey puts support at 61 percent to 35 percent opposed. That’s close to a complete reversal from just a decade ago.

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