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Motshidisi - picture reported to be of the murdered lesbian

Motshidisi – picture reported to be of the murdered lesbian

In the midst of the Christmas spirit when people are singing of peace, love and goodwill towards everyone, Motshidisi Pascalina’s  body was found tied up, with eyes, breasts and vagina mutilated and her body set alight.  It evidently took four men to do this ghastly act on December 18, 2015 in the Vaal region of South Africa.  Motshidisi was only eighteen years of age.  Over the past 15 years, 30 lesbians have met horrific deaths before having to endure gang “corrective rape.”  If you are not awae of “corrective rape” it is the gross ignorance perceived by some men that a penis inserted into a vagina will automatically turn the lesbian into a straight woman. No, we are not back in the days of the cave man, but these men have cave-men thinking abilities.

Rape: An Act of Powerful Rage

Many South African men (and other nationalities) perceive lesbians as a personal threat to their manhood.  The fact that a lesbian would prefer another woman is an insult to ignorant and arrogant men.  The Vaal Triangle LGBTI (region where Motshidisi Pascalina’s body was found, commented to the media.  He stated was not the first time that there had been such an incident in the Sedibeng District, as there were two other rapes against lesbian women, including one reported in the area of Bophelong.

Is Rape  a Hate Crime?


In a statement, the LGBTI group  identified factors that defined a hate crime. “The first is that the act is considered a crime under existing South African criminal law – such as intimidation, arson, damage to property, assault, rape or murder. The second is that the act is motivated in whole or in part by prejudice or hatred regarding an aspect of the victim’s identity – such as race, nationality, religion or sexual orientation.”

“At present there is no official monitoring of these types of crimes, with the consequence that it is left out of government statistics.”


Prior Lesbian Murder

Gift Makau - her life taken because she was a lesbian

Gift Makau – her life taken because she was a lesbian

Gift Makau was just 18 years old, a lesbian out to her family and well-known in her community for her skills on the soccer pitch.

Last week, her half-naked and brutalized body was found in Ventersdorp, a town in the North West Province in South Africa, not far from Johannesburg. She was yet another victim of the horrible practice known as “corrective rape”

Gift had been raped and strangled with wire and a shoelace. A hose pipe was still shoved into her mouth and down her throat. Her stomach was full of water, further signs of torture.

A 24-year-old man was arrested and was due to appear in Venterdorp Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Police say they have yet to determine a motive in the slaying, but Gift’s family and friends are convinced that it was an anti-gay hate crime.

Her cousin, Lucky Gaorongwe, told Times Live that her murder was particularly shocking because the suspect was well known in the area.

“She [Gift] had never been abused or heckled in the community,” her cousin said. “She was a cool girl who was never violent. She enjoyed playing and refereeing soccer games in the neighbourhood.”

Tsholofelo Matome, Makau’s friend told eNCA: “I would like for us to be accepted or at least to be tolerated because it’s very hard to accept gays and lesbians. We are humans as well. We were born the same way like they were born.”

eNCA also has an excellent news video about the murder.

Gift’s funeral and burial was conducted on Saturday.

Jabu Pereira, director of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex human rights organization Iranti-org, told News24 there had been a confirmed case of a lesbian in Cape Town being pushed in front of a train by another woman. It was, however, unclear why she had been pushed, Pereira said.

“These heinous crimes have to end,” Pereira told Times Live. “Our government must invest in public education programmes aimed at changing public attitudes.”

About 30 lesbians have been attacked and murdered because of their sexuality over the past 15 years, according to reports.

Gift’s aunt, Mpho Gaorowuwe, told ENCA that she believes that the young woman was killed because she was a lesbian.

“They’ve been trying for a very long time to figure out why she does not want to date guys. They’ve always asked, ‘how is it possible that a girl does not want to date guys,’” she said.

– See more at: http://www.sdgln.com/news/2014/08/18/18-year-old-lesbian-brutally-killed-corrective-rape-south-africa#sthash.wejzMgPr.dpuf

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