May 272017

I’m Canadian and my heart ‘bleeds’ for decent Americans in this era of King Trump.  It is hard for me – professing my Christianity – and embracing my homosexuality -to understand right-wing Evangelicals and those red-necks that elected this man


Yes, Trump’s popularity is falling in the polls.  Then, the State of Montana, aware of the possibility that 20-23 million may be cut off from health care – went and elected a Republican.  This is a millionaire who physically attacked a journalist just days before the voting took place.


He has a tape recording from various sources and is listening to it – Why listen to European leaders?  Like his election comment, “He knows more than the Generals” – so why not more than the leaders?”

What’s on the Tape?

–Listening to his sons’ financial reports of Trump Kingdom.. and asking for his advice. .Barron i complaining that he didn’t have a room at the WH and a ship, tank and warplane named after him. Trump has 10 days to report back before Barron will retaliate on the internet.
Melania wants to start a new company is Slovenia – just living there for a while until Barron updates his Slovenian – Jared giving some basic Hebrew lessons for when Trump visits him, Ivanka and the kids. Spicey singing Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason to Stay here”….NRA complaining that he should have worn two silver/mother of pear pistols in Europe to honour General Patton – American is, after all, in a war with almost everybody. Million Moms and all those Family Values organizations asking why Trump didn’t slap the male spouse of Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, or at least comment on how God condemns such partnerships. Chinese P.M thanking him for not spreading the lie that China thinks climate change is a hoax. KKK members shouting victory for one of their members killing two men in Portland. These bystanders came to the defence of two Muslim women being harassed.

These are sad and grim times.  Americans deserve better than this man.  Many Americans didn’t bother to vote!  The average American needs to stand up and protest – daily!

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