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Unknown-1Paula here.  This is a site for all women and all sexual orientations.  Anna Paquin is bi-sexual.  Personally, I do not think that bi-sexuals have to “pick a side.”  The less harassing of humans the better!

Winning an Oscar


The Piano

The Piano

Anna was only eleven years of age when she won an Oscar for the movie, “The Piano.”  Anna was born in the province of Manitoba, Canada but moved with her family to Wellington, New Zealand.  You may recognize her for her roles in X-Men movies and the hot vampire series, True Blood.  She has won numerous awards including a Golden Globe Award for best actress in the television series True Blood.

Marrying the Person You Love

Anna is married Stephen Moyer and they have two children.  She is clear that her love and marriage to Stephen was not based on gender.

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We Give a Damn Campaign launched their campaign for LGBT equality at a time when New Zealand did not have same-sex marriage.  She came out as a bi-sexual and for this public stance, we thank her.   We Give a Damn is part of the True Colours Fund, an advocacy group organized by Cyndi Lauper.

A video features Anna Paquin stating, I’m Anna Paquin. I’m bisexual, and I give a damn.”


When asked about her participation in the video, Paquin responded by saying, “It wasn’t like it was a big secret, it was just a cause I cared about and privately supported, but not one that I had ever had an opportunity to speak out about in a way that would be useful. Obviously I know that one person’s voice doesn’t necessarily do that much, but I just wanted to do my bit.”

In May 2012, in an Us Weekly interview Paquin rejected the notion that bisexuality is a choice. “My sexuality is not made up, for a bisexual, it’s not about gender. That’s not the deciding factor to who they’re attracted to,” stated Paquin.




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