Apr 262016
Anita Stave: I'm taking my gun into the women's toilets as my bodyguard.

Anita Stave: I’m taking my gun into the women’s toilets as my bodyguard.

Here is the picture of Anita Staver, President of the right-wing anti-LGBT Liberty Counsel, a non-profit conservative group – that receives funds from the public. This is the group that defended Kim Davis, the clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licence.

She is married to the Counsel’s chairman and founder Mat Staver.

Looking at her picture, she appears to be an older woman that you would chat with in a line up for a McDonald’s meal, but the gun held in her hand would send you running to the nearest bathroom/toilet. NO. NO.  If you are a transgendered female,  don’t head for the washrooms – she’ll follow you into the toilet with a fully loaded gun!   What in heaven’s name does this middle age woman have to fear?  Who would try to make sexual advances to her?  And shouldn’t mothers of young girls be alarmed that this weird wacko has a loaded gun?

The Target Store

Target, the big cross-America store introduced a trans-inclusive policy. This led to a reaction from Anita Staver.

“I’m taking a Glock .45 to the ladies room.”

Staver is an attorney who is licensed to practice law in Florida and the District of Columbia.

Paula’s comments: Where are transgendered persons supposed to act on their bodily functions?  For years they have been using their gender-identified toilets.  NOT ONE INCIDENT of sexual harassment has happened.

What happens when women bring loaded guns into toilet areas? The thought of being shot accidently or otherwise, is more shocking than to see a trans female adjust her dress and put on more make up.

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