Nov 012015


Polish Strong Woman Lifts Men Above Her Head


Aneta Florczyk also called Atena was born in 1982 in Mlbork, Poland. She is an incredibly strong power lifter and in 2003 wowed the crowds in Zambia by becoming the World’s Strongest Woman!


Early Career

In 1996 at the age of 16, Aneta decided to become a successful powerlifter. It only took her four years to become the European Champion having won many Polish competitions. She can powerlift 500 kg which is an incredible feat!

World Success

After her 2003 World’s Strongest Woman in Zambia, Aneta went on to become Ireland’s Strongest Woman a year later. She won the World’s Strongest Woman in 2003,2005,2006 and 2008. –She is recorded in the Guiness World Records of having won this title more than any other woman.

Video Clip that Went Viral on the Internet

I had never heard the term “frying pan rolling.” Evidently, people take a frying pan (not sure what it is made of) and roll it into a “wrap” position. (Wraps being peta bread with food inside). She was invited to Spain for a televized show where contestants try to break Guiness World Records. In February 2008, Aneta rolled 4 pans in one minute. Eight months later she improved her record by rolling 5 pans in one minute.

Lifting Men Instead of Rolling Pans

Aneta later entered into a competition with Spain’s strong woman, named Irene Gutierrez. In a timed period, the winner would be declared by the number of men she was able to lift above her head.

Aneta won by lifting 12 while Irene lifted 10.

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