Jul 222017

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How is Your School Built?

Many students will probably answer that their school is built with bricks and has doors and windows.  It probably will have electricity, heating or maybe even air-conditioning.  There is probably a school yard and maybe a field to play soccer or baseball.  You might even have a running track.

Let Me Take You to Nigeria, Africa  (map)

Lagos is the capital of Nigeria and you can see that it is a fine modern city with modern housing and schools.  However, outside of Lagos is a big water-side slum area.  A slum is a place outside of any big city or town that has very poor people.  These people do not have modern houses and schools.  Often, they do not have running water and electricity.  People that live in fine homes or in slum shacks want their children to get an education.

It is harder for children from slums to go to school, but there is a unique type of school in the slum called Makoka – and I am going to tell you about it.

Makoka – A Small Slum City

Every where in the world, poorer people leave their villages and towns and head for the big cities.  They often end up in slum conditions.  Makoko is one of the world’s largest waterside slums.   Much of the homes are on stilts raising them above the water.   About 2,000 people come to Lagos every day and most end up in Makoko.   So many people live here that it is like its own city – about 300,000-400,000 people.  How big is your nearest town or city?

Getting an Education

Makoka does not have a lot of land for schools.  Some people had the bright idea to build little schools on boats and put them on the water. You can see from the picture that the school/boat is a 3-story “A-frame.”  It can house up to 100 children.   The bottom part can act like a playground and when the school is not in use, it can be a community centre.

Don’t you think that these kids are great?  They will do anything to get an education.  They know that with an education, they can get out of their slum surroundings and help their family do the same.  Well done, kids of Makoka.

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