Mar 062015
U.S Rainbow flag

U.S Rainbow flag

Patriot Update:

I landed on this site and came across a situation that really annoyed “patriots.” On a housing estate where military personnel are housed, someone put up “Old Glory” (which is the stars – minus the stripes) and replaced them with the rainbow flag.  What I have learned is that this is in violation of the U.S flag code protocol.

Now, I have no idea whether protocol has been broken, but I do know that this action brought out the most ‘red neck” bigotry and blatant homophobia.  This type of ignorance made me do some thinking.  Here is the first comment “Too many faggots, too few closets.”

Here are some of my responses to this ignorance.

1.  Remember that many parents discover that their son or daughter is in that closet and you have just named them “faggots.” For your education, a faggot is a twig.

Too many homophobes – too few lions.

3.  Too many ignorant, brainless, clueless individuals who judge others…..and too few intelligent, non-discriminating, neighbour-loving, decent men who are men!

Faggots in the Army!

There is a severe lack of thinking on behalf of many of these commentators.   For example, many “faggots” carried injured straight soldiers out of the line of enemy fire.    Arriving at the MASH hospital, a “faggot” surgeon may have operated on straight men and after surgery a “faggot” nurse may have eased pain and gave bedside comfort.  One marine who was given the “Purple Heart” and another medal for bravery was later discharged for loving a man.  Go figure!

The Patriot Publication

Every country has its patriots.  Every country has women and men who will serve in the military and some will not come home alive.  Flags are carried; flags are saluted and flags cover coffins of the fallen warriors.  Anything that seems to insult or degrade a flag causes shock and ‘knee jerk responses.’  This incident brought out the homophobic and bigoted responses and they were directed against lesbians and gays.  Not fair!

If I could ever make a suggestion to parents, it would be to present their children with situations where they are forced to take both sides.  There needs to be critical ‘thinking’ skilled passed on to kids by parents, teachers and life’s situations.  Nothing is ever black and white!  Every home and classroom should have that sign “Walk a mile in MY shoes.”



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