Apr 242017

Paula here.  When I read that the infamous Alex Jones and his InfoWars was being sued by Greek yoghurt giant Chobani, I took a keen personal notice.  Alex Jones is a blatant racist and the owner of Chobani yoghurt is a Muslim.

Trish and I housesat for the manager of Chobani outside of the USA.  

Read the article from Joemygod and then I’ll add my own comments. Article in blue.

Greek yogurt giant Chobani filed a lawsuit Monday against right-wing radio host Alex Jones, accusing the conspiracy theorist of publishing false information about the company. Chobani says that Jones and his InfoWars website posted fabricated stories earlier this month that linked Chobani owner Hamdi Ulukaya and the company to a sexual assault case involving refugee children. The company filed the lawsuit in Idaho District Court in Twin Falls, where it operates the largest yogurt plant in the world.

The complaint says InfoWars released a video on April 11 describing Chobani’s practice of hiring refugees and a sexual assault case that did not involve the yogurt company. During the video, an Info Wars reporter republished statements that claimed the Chobani plant brought crime and tuberculosis since it opened the plant five years ago while also pointing out previous reports of its willingness to hire refugees in Twin Falls.

The video was promoted using the headline “Idaho Yogurt Maker Caught Important Migrant Rapists,” even though the lawsuit points out that InfoWars didn’t mention or prove that statement in the report. The story was tweeted out by Jones and other outlets. The 2016 assault sparked months of turmoil in Twin Falls after the story about the incident was spun by far-right blogs and anti-immigration groups into accounts that exaggerated and falsified many of the details.

Paula again.   When we were house/pet sitting (outside the USA), we were having dinner with the manager of Chobani and his wife.  The discussion came around to an important meeting that the manager would have the following morning with his Chobani staff.  He was wondering how to tell them that Hamdi Ulukaya (the owner of Chobani) had asked him to announce that the workers were getting “free” stock for years of working service.  Both the manager and his wife have met Mr. Ulukaya and have praised him as the greatest employer on earth and a fantastic human being.  It should be noted that Mr. Ulukaya signed a pledge with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to eventually give his money away to charities.

My suggestion to you reading this – buy Chobani or research the company.

This is not the first time that Ulukaya has tried to do right by his employees and those who have less. He’s been a vocal supporter of a higher minimum wage and has hired hundreds of refugees fleeing countries ravaged by terror. He’s also signed the Giving Pledge, created by Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates to encourage billionaires to give away much of their wealth.


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