Jun 192016
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    Webslinger Atticus P wrote:

    You say, “How could this tragedy happen?” It happened because Omar Mateen’s hate was born and bred in America, not overseas.

    -2 weeks ago you were calling trans men/women child predators.

    -1 year ago you were saying that our marriages shouldn’t be recognized.

    -6 years ago you were saying that gay men and women couldn’t die for their country.

    -10 years ago you told us we didn’t deserve job protections.

    -13 years ago it took Lawrence v. Texas to decriminalize our sex lives.

    -18 years ago you took Matthew Shepard.

    -23 years ago you took Brandon Teena.

    -36 years ago the American Government sat silently for 5 years as 10,000 gay men were massacred by the AIDS virus.

    43 years ago we were still considered mentally ill.

    -47 years ago the riots of Stonewall began.

    For centuries this country has bred homophobia into our history, into our schools, and into the very fabric of society.

    Omar Mateen was the product of American hate. America taught him this, and even sold him the gun to do it. – Elle Barts

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