Jun 122017

void working just for power and money.

be honest, reliable, faithful and assertive.

hoose your friends carefully.

Don’t be afraid to take risks.

establish goals and work systematically towards achieving things.

F ree rides don’t exist!

et it done.

ave confidence that you can make a difference.

Invite constructive criticism.

Just doing enough to get by will result in a second rate performance.

Keep from making excuses.

Listen, learn and always work to improve your mind.

Mean what you say, and say what you mean.

Never, never give up on your dreams

Only one person can control you and that is YOU.


Quality and not quantity.

R respect  others.

sometimes, slow down and smell the roses.

read others with respect and they will respect you.

U se your assets wisely.

Sing and dance! The universe is one song Listen

oice your opinions.

ork as hard as possible without forgetting your loved ones.

X pect obstacles and accept challenges.

ou are in charge of your own actions and decisions.

ap obstacles and reach for the stars.

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