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amy wambach nudeUnknown-6“I’ve been called a girl, a tomboy, a dyke, a lesbian, a butch, a bitch – a lot of them. And I don’t care,” U.S. women’s soccer star Abby Wambach declares in what is maybe the most powerful Mini (car) USA commercial ever. She goes on to discuss being her authentic self, defying labels, and not letting anyone else define who she is.

Abby has a stella profession as an outstanding soccer player and her estimated assets around around three million ($3 million USA).   She has now retired from the game.

Joining the National Team

In 2001, Abby was named to there U.S national women’s team and the team (Stars and Stripes) were placed third in the 2003 FIFA World cup.  The following year, the US team beat Brazil to capture the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics.

Three years later, (2007) Abby and the team again placed third, but Abby won the Silver Shoe as the tournament’s second heading scorer.  Abby sat out the 2008 Olympics due to a broken leg.

Abby Gets Sucker-Punched!

Wambach was sucker-punched by Colombia’s Lady Andrade early in the 2012 Olympics, and tweeted a photo of her blackened eye.  She retaliated by scoring six goals


but took the rough treatment in stride by tweeting a photo of her black eye afterward. She finished second among all players in the competition with six goals, helping the United States exact revenge on Japan for the gold medal.

Wambach earned what seemed to be long-overdue recognition when she was named the 2012 FIFA Women’s Player of the Year. She scored her 159th goal in international play to break Hamm’s record the following June.

When the Women’s World Cup began in June 2015, Wambach found herself in the unusual position of waiting to enter games as a backup. However, she still made her mark by scoring the lone goal for the U.S. team in the final game of group play, boosting her into a tie for second place all-time with 14 World Cup goals. A few weeks later, she finally savored a World Cup title when the U.S. defeated Japan in the final.

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